For the first time in nearly a decade, Sedgwick County will elect a new County Treasurer. This office, which has been held recently by Congressman Ron Estes and Treasurer Linda Kizzire, needs to continue to build upon the successes of the previous Treasurers.

I currently serve as the Sedgwick County Deputy Treasurer where I oversee the distribution of all collected tax revenue to our townships, cities, school districts, and other taxing units, as well as the collection of all revenue coming in to the County. In my time, we have made improvements to reduce costs associated with the foreclosure process and worked to streamline our pre-payment options for real estate tax payments.

There is continued work to be done to ensure our county treasurer's office remains innovative in our services for our citizens, and this job needs someone who has experience in leadership and management positions. Including my time as Deputy Treasurer, I have spent over a decade in positions of leadership and management as an Associate Pastor for 9 years, and 4 years as a Risk Manager with an insurance agency in Wichita. Leadership is not learned overnight, but something that requires time and experience.

Thank you,