A Safe Community
Our police department and first responders deserve and need the support of city officials. We want to recruit the best new officers available. This will ensure a safe community where people will want to live and raise their family.

A Strong Community
Park City is ripe for new development and job opportunities. The growth of our city will happen when we provide a great environment for this to take place. We must look for creative ways; ways that donít burden our taxpayers, to bring these opportunities to Park City.

A Successful Community
Local government must be efficient. We need to have a solid reserve fund, limit our use of public bonds, and make wise decisions on the budget of our city. We cannot shift the financial load to our residents.

I believe Park City is the best place to start & raise a family, as well as retire in. Park City will thrive when we have a safe, strong, and successful community. If you have questions, please call me at 316-640-2065. I ask for your vote on August 1st, 2017.